Everything You Need to Know About Gas Geysers

If you’re a novice in the world of geyser then determining which one is better could be taxing. However, picking the one out of the two you must look carefully at the all the facets in the form of strength and weaknesses to make a choice. While both gas geyser and electric geyser works differently and both have their own benefits and limitations.

Always look for factors like durability, performance, price, efficiency, and how each of them workout.  We understand how frustrating it picks the one out of staggering amount of options available. Here’s why we’ve prepared in the form of buying the guide. This guide will help you find the best gas geyser in India if that’s what you’re looking for.

Types of Gas Geysers

  • Instant geysers or tank less geysers

These geysers are meant for those who needs more than regular quantity of water at one go. Generally, in India makers choose to offer instant gas geysers.

  • Storage geyser

This type of heater is used where large amount of hot water is required. These types are easy to repair since they are made in a very simple and easy manner.  Usually, these are not available in India.

How gas geyser works

Gas geysers works by heating water by making the use of gas burner which is generally located below the yellow big tank and delivers through the pipe. In the process of heating, pressure accumulates in a gas geyser and the pressure valves discharges and intervene the pressure.

Gas Geyser Advantages

  • Good for big families
  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Needs no electricity
  • Compatible with both pipeline natural gas and LPG
  • It controls the rate and the level of heating


Gas Geyser Disadvantages

  • Lifespan is short
  • Not safe to use (If not used with care can be harmful)
  • It is little difficult to install
  • Gas geysers is costing
  • It causes too much pollution

Top Best Gas Geyser in India

  1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater (White)
  2. V-Guard Industries Ltd 6 ltrs Safefloplus Gas Geyser, White
  3. Orient Gas Water Heater
  4. Racold LPG Gas Water Heater Geyser
  5. Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


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