Know More About Organic Banana ICO : BananaCoin

The first eco-friendly plantation in Laos, that issued a token based on Ethereum, tied into the export price of the 1 kilogram of bananas, Bananacoin announced a closed sale of tokens on Wednesday, 27 September.

Bananacoin – this is actually the very first block-oriented pure plantation in Laos, the major job of that was the export of both useful and organic sort of banana “Lady Finger” into China, in which the demand for this variety exceeds supply.

The launch of the first organic bananacoin was very successful, Pre-sale, during which 1,000,000 tokens were marketed, was closed in advance. You can learn about closed earnings on the organization’s website bananacoinio The team participates in a number of Asian blocking events, where she gave a presentation of this project in prime time.

Beginning the ICO Bananacoin intends to launch the ICO before the end of the year and is already active in this direction. At the moment, two major contracts have been signed to make sure the implementation of the procedure. Boutique creative bureau will undertake the organization of advertising service, and the Global law firm Law & Trust International provides legal analysis of the Procedure

Here are the Short term and long term strategies of This project

Short-term strategy:

  • Bananacoin Tokens are to be made that will induce the participants to get future receipts of goods or get monetary compensation of equivalent value.
  • Tokens to be sold throughout the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Bananacoin Token or BCO was priced for one kilogram of peanuts.
  • Banana cultivation will be done for 18 months.
  • All BOC tokens can be traded for goods or one can even choose to have equal financial compensation instead.

Long-term strategy:

The long-term target of the company includes expanding the production area to maximum of 1,000 hectares. Cooperation with the significant regional and international players and funds will be bolstered by the resources of resources’ disposal.

Benefits for ICO investors

Economic benefits

  • Since BCO tokens are based on commodity value, they do not require banking or financing companies to facilitate transactions. Instead, their market value totally depends on the company and its export activities.
  • Becoming commodity-based tokens, they’re connected to the market worth of bananas. This product has revealed appreciation in value of up to 10% in a previous couple of decades. So, unlike the fiat currencies that have little defense, crypto coin tokens are well protected against inflation, so the investors may rest assured of getting continued advantages.
  • Use of blockchain technology means improved transparency since the TGE participants will have access to all information associated with the product, such as harvesting and expansion of the banana and its subsequent sale into the markets. Moreover, all financial transactions will be documented in a safe and fool-proof manner.

Technological advantages

Considering that BCO tokens are stored into tokenized wallets, these may effortlessly be transacted on the cryptocurrency markets and will become incorporated into the existing stores. The transactions of the wallets are securely stored and cannot be changed or deleted. This way, the tokens stored in digitalized wallets remain safe and protected.

Emission of Banacoin tokens uses Ethereum based blockchain technologies, which can be considered most secure by the specialists. Blockchain technology turned into a relatively new development in the sphere of IT, it’s quite hard for the hackers to access the account information of the investors.

The project experts have obtained special efforts that the Bananacoin tokens are simple to use, exchange, store, withdraw and traded for as its worth understandably is equal to that of one kilogram of bananas. This way, even the uninitiated may utilize Bananacoins in a hassle-free way; one need not possess in-depth understanding of blockchain technology or the knowledge of crypto markets and coins

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